Quest Engineering & Development (QED) specializes in the development of embedded systems. QED can take a concept and deliver a product ready for production. QED has been doing custom hardware designs for over thirteen years. We have experience in embedded processors, Xilinx programmable logic, broadcast video, computer video, 1394a and networking.

QED has been developing Xilinx designs since 1990. We specialize in optimizing designs for production. This means getting the most logic and the highest possible operating speed in the smallest Xilinx device possible. We cut the cost of production by using the slowest possible device to meet the demands of the circuit.

QED has worked with virtually all the microprocessor families including MSP430, x86, MIPS, PowerPC, 68000, 68HC16, 68HC05, Coldfire, PIC and Z80 variations. QED has been using the Texas Instruments MSP430 family for the last 2 years and has designed numerous products using this device. We can provide both hardware and software support for this family.

QED has experience in video that runs from broadcast resolution and quality to super high resolution applications. QED has worked on everything from XVGA frame-grabbers to broadcast special effects systems.



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